Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Mission Impossible 4 - Title Sequence Analysis


This sequence is very fast paced and takes on the perspective of a fuse. The audience is put in a position where they are almost following the fuse and it takes them through a lot of key scenes from the film itself. The fuse itself is key iconography as it connotes explosions and danger or violence. These elements are all extremely common in spy and action films.

During the sequence there is also a car chase. Again this is typical of an action/spy film and is key iconography which is used effectively as the audience instantly recognises this and associates the film with the genre. This also helps them to know the sort of theme that the film will follow and what the action will be like throughout the film.

All of this is accompanied by a very generic soundtrack which has also become extremely recognisable with this genre. It is very dramatic which suits the fast pace.

This film is also a spy film which fits into the genre my group chose for our title sequence. The sequence shows off some of the key iconography and codes and conventions of this genre.

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